Condensed Geology: Sandstones of Southwest [Map] Four Corners

Spectaular scenery of American southwest is largely defined by massive sandstone cliffs of various age and origin.


Period Age, MYA Formation Origin Place
Paleogene 60-40 Claron 1 lake, floodplain Bruce Canyon, UT Red Canyon, UT Cedar Breaks NM, UT
Paleogene 64-61 Nacimiento 2 lake, floodplain De-Na-Zin, NM
Paleogene 69-64 Ojo Alamo 2 rivers, floodplain De-Na-Zin, NM
Cretaceous 97-94 Dakota seashore Kodachrome Basin, UT Colorado NM, CO Dakota Hogback, CO El Malpais, NM
Jurassic 180-140 Entrada dunes Kodachrome Basin, UT Arches, UT Colorado NM, CO El Malpais, NM 3
Jurassic 169-163 Carmel seashore Kodachrome Basin, UT Toadstools, UT Zion Canyon, UT
Jurassic 191-174 Navajo dunes Valley of Fire, NV 4 Antelope Canyon, AZ Glen Canyon, AZ Horseshoe Bend, AZ Snow Canyon, UT Kolob Canyons, UT Zion Canyon, UT Canyonlands, UT
Triassic 210-200 Wingate dunes Canyonlands, UT Colorado NM, CO
Permian ca 275 Coconino 5 dunes Grand Canyon, AZ Sedona, AZ
Permian 275-270 Schnebly Hill 5 6 seashore Sedona, AZ
Permian 280-270 De Chelly 5 7 dunes Canyon de Chelly, AZ Monument Valley, UT Canyonlands, UT
Permian 286-245 Cedar Mesa 5 dunes Canyonlands, UT Natural Bridges NM, UT
Pennsylvanian 300-290 Fountain streams Garden of the Gods, CO Red Rock, CO



1 Claron formation is technically a limestone interbedded with sandy mudstone, but it is included here because it plays the same scenery-forming role as sandstones everywhere else.

2 Nacimiento and Ojo Alamo sandstones are local to San Juan Basin, NM area.

3 Zuni sandstone in New Mexico is correlated with Entrada sandstone of Utah and Colorado

4 Aztec sandstone in Nevada is correlated with Navajo sandstone of Utah and Colorado

5 It is unclear how the Coconino - Schnebly Hill sequence is aligned relative to the De Chelly - Cedar Mesa sequence.

6 Schnebly Hill sandstone is local to Sedona, AZ area.

7 White Rim sandstone of Canyonlands, UT is considered to be equivalent to and continuous with De Chelly sandstone.


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