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  Found Abstracts
09a13a0186  [Copper Mountain, CO]
06l28c0528 Snowboard Tracks [Snowshoe, WV]
02k0127 Contrails and Cirrus Clouds [National Arboretum, DC]
03b0137 Ice Neurons
07c04n7199  [Lake Needwood area, Rock Creek Park]
07k24n2088  [N. Potomac, MD]
07k24n2090  [N. Potomac, MD]
02k0523 White Subaru
03b0602 Hidden [Halpine View Apartments, Rockville, MD]
03b0603 Objects in Mirror... [Halpine View Apartments, Rockville, MD]
05c13n6129 Winter Volkswagen [Snowshoe, WV]
05a23n5244 Winter Skylight [N. Potomac, MD]
08a20k5557  [Great Falls NP]
08a20k5502  [Great Falls NP]
05a29n5359  [White Oak Canyon, Shenandoah NP]
05k26n4060  [Lake Needwood area, Rock Creek Park]
06b12n5524 Shapes [Brookside Botanical Gardens, Wheaton, MD]
06b19n5632 Seahorse [Brookside Botanical Gardens, Wheaton, MD]
07j27c2245  [National Aquarium, Baltimore, MD]
12e10k9914  [Ponce de Leon Springs SP, FL]
12e11k9969  [St. Andrews SP, FL]
02h1015 Drawing Water. A Border 1 [Narva Joesuu, Estonia]
02h1019 Drawing Water. A Border 2 [Narva Joesuu, Estonia]
07h09k0308  [South Point, Big Island, HI]
05d10n7072 Water sculpture [Brookside Botanical Gardens, Wheaton, MD]
08e17n3164 Water Elemental [Brookside Botanical Gardens, Wheaton, MD]
07g08c1820  [Brookside Botanical Gardens, Wheaton, MD]
07h13n1279  [Hawai'i Tropical Botanical Garden, Big Island, HI]
08e20k7122  [Iberostar Hacienda Dominicus, Playa Dominicus, Dominican Republic]
08e25n3242 Summer Watercolor [Patuxent Research Refuge]
06j08n3344 Fall Watercolor [Lake Needwood area, Rock Creek Park]
06k25n4914 Winter Watercolor [Lums Pond SP, DE]
06b19n5653 Constellation [...or the story of an 8-bladed aperture. Brookside Botanical Gardens, Wheaton, MD]
02g1523 Spherical Distortion
02j0617 Curve Distortion 1
02l0518 Curve Distortion 2
05k26n4030 Complex Distortion [Lake Needwood area, Rock Creek Park]
03d0434 Symmetry [Campground, First Landing Seashore SP, VA]
04j17n3193 Color Photo 2 [Alligator Farm, St. Augustine, FL]
14b06u7473  [Grand Loop Rd., Yellowstone NP]
10i26c1307  [Cabot's Landing Provincial Park, NS]
07g28k0030  [Fire Island National Seashore, NY]
09d29c5899 Two Palms [Fort Myers Beach, FL]
07a08n6374  [Red Canyon, Dixie NF]
05b26n5750  [National Arboretum, DC]
05h27n2335 Dance [Longwood Gardens, PA]
12e13k0202  [Camp Helen SP, FL]
12e13k0213  [Camp Helen SP, FL]
07k04k4166  [Great Falls NP]
05b19n5601  [Lake Needwood area, Rock Creek Park]
05b26n5690  [National Arboretum, DC]
05b26n5734  [National Arboretum, DC]
12f23c1731 Insectoglyph 4 [Grants Grove Area, Kings Canyon NP]
12f24c1772 Insectoglyph 5 [Crescent Meadow, Sequoia NP]
10h14k4545 Insectoglyph 3 [Fern Lake Trail, Rocky Mountain NP]
06h10n1945d Insectoglyph 2 [Cinder Cone, Lassen Volcanic NP]
10h14k4532  [Fern Lake Trail, Rocky Mountain NP]
06k25c0352  [Lums Pond SP, DE]
12e10k9939  [Ponce de Leon Springs SP, FL]
06k25n4893  [Lums Pond SP, DE]
06l24n5077 A Fox [WV Rt. 150, Monongahela NF, WV]
05b26n5647 A Few Straight Lines [National Arboretum, DC]
05l26n4425 Windows [Bandera, TX]
06h26n2653 Windows 2 [Front Royal, VA]
11e21k0340 Window [Mexico]
06f21n9824  [Saint-Malo, France]
06l26c0508  [Snowshoe, WV]
03d0118 Adam's Mark Hotel, Cupola [Buffalo, NY]
04j0522 Roof Birds [St. Augustine, FL]
12e14k0468  [Panama City Beach, FL]
06l24n5001 Grill: Part 1 [WV Rt. 150, Monongahela NF, WV]
06l24n5003 Grill: Part 2 [WV Rt. 150, Monongahela NF, WV]
05a23n5279  [Cunningham Lake, Cunningham Falls SP]
07i18k1929  [Watauga Lake, TN]
05a23n5283  [Cunningham Lake, Cunningham Falls SP]
04j0525 Pi [St. Augustine, FL]
05a15n5148  [Great Falls NP]
05a15n5178  [Great Falls NP]
05d30n8403 Complex curve [N. Potomac, MD]
03e0430  [Tradewinds Park, Coconut Creek, FL]
04h15n2347 Red Pool fragment [Schoodic Peninsula]
04h15n2333 Green Pool [Schoodic Peninsula]
12f23c1715  [Kings Canyon, Kings Canyon NP]
10i27c1415  [South Point Area, Cape Breton Highlands National Park]
10i27n0058  [Coastal Trail, Cape Breton Highlands National Park]
10i26c1309  [Cabot's Landing Provincial Park, NS]
04h15n2359  [Schoodic Peninsula]
04h16n2497 Pebbles [Thunder Hole area]
04h15n2371  [Schoodic Peninsula]
04l25n4531 Young Salt Saucers [Badwater Basin, Death Valley NP]
04l25n4559 Canyon Wall [Natural Bridge Canyon, Death Valley NP]
04l26n4730 Canyon Wall [Gower Gulch, Death Valley NP]
04l27n4845 Breccia [Titus Canyon, Death Valley NP]
06h11n2129d Crystals in Granite [Fairview Dome Area, Yosemite NP]
06h05n0937d Cleavage Planes [Arch Rock, Point Reyes NS]
04l25n4522 Salt Ridge [Badwater Basin, Death Valley NP]
10h15k4771  [Chasm Lake, Rocky Mountain NP]
06k18n4685  [White Oak Canyon, Shenandoah NP]
06l10c0401 Fish/Rat [Great Falls NP]
07a09n6473  [White Domes area, Valley of Fire SP, NV]
07a09n6474  [White Domes area, Valley of Fire SP, NV]
09a14k3209  [Dinosaur Ridge Scenic Area, I-70]
09g25k6429a  [Pinnacles National Monument, CA]
14b06u7484  [Old Faithful area, Upper Geyser Basin, Yellowstone NP]
14b06u7490  [Old Faithful area, Upper Geyser Basin, Yellowstone NP]
  Patterns - Symmetrical
07e28c1426a  [Great Falls NP]
07j17k3481a  [Great Falls NP]
08a05k5082a  [Great Falls NP]
07k14n1649a  [Great Falls NP]
08a20k5541a  [Great Falls NP]
08b03k5589a  [Great Falls NP]
07e20c1258a  [Cat Rock area, Catoctin Mountain NP]
07e20c1217a  [Cat Rock area, Catoctin Mountain NP]
07i18k1797a  [Watauga Lake, TN]
07j28n1948a  [Natural Bridge, VA]
08k29k2354a  [Prince William Forest Park]
02i0120a Rorschach's Puddle 1
02i0120b Rorschach's Puddle 2
03a0332sym Rorschach's Wings [White Oak Canyon and Cedar Run]
04a0222a Rorschach's Ice
04g0136 Rorschach's Rock [Great Falls NP]
05a23n5251a Rorschach's Snowdrift [N. Potomac, MD]
07j27k3919 Rorschach's Stingray [National Aquarium, Baltimore, MD]
07i28k2540a Reflection of Reflection [Naeroyfjord, Norway]
05i04n2629a Carpet Design [Brookside Botanical Gardens, Wheaton, MD]
  Patterns - Plants
02j0122 Algae Pattern
07l29k4900  [Great Falls NP]
04f12n0694 Duckweed Pattern [Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens, DC]
08e25n3245  [Patuxent Research Refuge]
08e25n3247  [Patuxent Research Refuge]
04f13n0779 Moss Pattern [White Oak Canyon, Shenandoah NP]
04f19n0871 Moss Pattern [Mt. Nittany]
12e06c1586  [Green Ridge State Forest, MD]
10i27c1379 Moss Pattern [South Point Area, Cape Breton Highlands National Park]
04f19n0926 Diphasiatrum digitatum [Indian Trail, Black Moshannon State Park]
10i25c1262  [Skyline Trail, Cape Breton Highlands National Park]
07h11k0814  [Holoholokai Beach, Big Island, HI]
07h15n1517  [Pololu Valley, Big Island, HI]
07h15n1519  [Pololu Valley, Big Island, HI]
07k22k4462  [N. Potomac, MD]
07k22k4469  [N. Potomac, MD]
12f25k1581  [White Chief Dome Trail, Mineral King, Sequoia NP]
11g02k1305  [Rocky Ridge Area, Dolly Sods, WV]
10j17k7413  [Raven Ridge Area, Dolly Sods, WV]
04f21n1044 Lichen Cammo [Stony Man Mtn.]
06h26n2689 Lichen Cammo 2 [Shenandoah NP]
04j30n3662 Moss Fractal [Great Falls NP]
04k20n4063 Moss Cells [Great Falls NP]
06h12n2249 Grass Surface [South Tufa Area, Mono Lake]
12f23c1709 Bark Surface [Kings Canyon, Kings Canyon NP]
06h08n1421d Bark Surface [Twin Lakes Trail, Lassen Volcanic NP]
05a15n5156 Ent's Eye [Great Falls NP]
08b16c2756 Bark Cammo [C&O Canal]
08d19k6487  [Brookside Botanical Gardens, Wheaton, MD]
08k08n4686  [Brookside Botanical Gardens, Wheaton, MD]
07g08n0438  [Brookside Botanical Gardens, Wheaton, MD]
05f08n9605 Bamboo Pattern [Selby Botanical Gardens, Sarasota, FL]
08e24c3634  [Iberostar Hacienda Dominicus, Playa Dominicus, Dominican Republic]
04j16n3057 Plot of the Shadow Function [Silver Glenn Springs, Ocala NF]
04e0227 Palm [US Virgin Islands]
07h15k1204  [World Botanical Gardens, Big Island, HI]
07h15k1266  [World Botanical Gardens, Big Island, HI]
07h15k1241  [World Botanical Gardens, Big Island, HI]
05g16n0771  [Brookside Botanical Gardens, Wheaton, MD]
10k14k7903  [Bear Rocks area, Dolly Sods, WV]
06b12n5512 Twig Pattern [Brookside Botanical Gardens, Wheaton, MD]
05c01n5977  [N. Potomac, MD]
  Patterns - Surfaces
12e13k0212  [Camp Helen SP, FL]
12f23o2993  [Kings Canyon, Kings Canyon NP]
12f24k1196  [Tokopah Falls, Sequoia NP]
12f24k1201  [Tokopah Falls, Sequoia NP]
12c11c1356  [Soldier's Delight NEA]
09c21c5698  [Pine Lick Trail, Green Ridge SF, MD]
08b16k5655 Water Surface [C&O Canal]
08e24k7600 Water Pattern 3 [Saona Island Area, Dominican Republic]
07c04n7190 Water Pattern 2 [Lake Needwood area, Rock Creek Park]
05b19n5603 Water Pattern 1 [Lake Needwood area, Rock Creek Park]
10h13n9075  [Lily Lake, Rocky Mountain NP]
08e24c3602  [Iberostar Hacienda Dominicus, Playa Dominicus, Dominican Republic]
08j18n4463  [Blackwater Falls SP, WV]
08k29n4772  [Prince William Forest Park]
08k29k2358  [Prince William Forest Park]
05c01n5976 Snow Pattern [N. Potomac, MD]
05c06n6089 Snow Surface 1 [Chimney Rock, Catoctin Mountain NP]
06h09n1640d Snow Surface 2 [Lassen Peak Trail, Lassen Volcanic NP]
07a08n6326 Snow Surface 3 [Red Canyon, Dixie NF]
10a14k0102 Snow Surface 4 [Steamboat, CO]
06l28c0522  [Snowshoe, WV]
10a23k0563  [Harpers Ferry, WV]
06b19n5637 Ice Pattern [Brookside Botanical Gardens, Wheaton, MD]
07l24c2367  [Wisp, MD]
06b19n5642 Ice Hole [Brookside Botanical Gardens, Wheaton, MD]
08g26n3350  [Kiptopeke SP]
04l25n4618 Sand Ripples [Sand Dunes, Death Valley NP]
05l29n4820 Wet Sand Pattern [Galveston, TX]
05l29n4821 Dry Sand Pattern [Galveston, TX]
09e04k4871 Geology on a Small Scale [Fort Myers Beach, FL]
07g28k0076 Wave Tracks Pattern [Fire Island National Seashore, NY]
09g25k6344 Random Walk [Aņo Nuevo Island Reserve, CA]
04l26n4733 Mud Cracks [Racetrack Playa, Death Valley NP]
04l26n4734 Mud Cracks [Racetrack Playa, Death Valley NP]
06h07n1206d Mud Surface [Sulphur Works, Lassen Volcanic NP]
03gC042477 Stone Ripples [Sugarloaf Mountain, MD]
04l27n4861 Ventifact Surface [Ventifact Ridge, Death Valley NP]
06h0510 Sandstone Surface [Sand Hill Cove, Point Lobos SR]
06h12n2270 Tufa Surface [South Tufa Area, Mono Lake]
06h10n1857d Cinder Surface [Cinder Cone, Lassen Volcanic NP]
07h12n1160 Tephra Surface [Mauna Kea Road, Big Island, HI]
09g22k6249 Rodeo Beach Pebbles [Rodeo Beach, CA]
06h12n2302d Underwater Surface [Twin Lakes, Mammoth Lakes Area]
05f13n0149 Seashell Pattern [Lido Beach, Sarasota, FL]
07e06n9360  [Great Falls NP]
07g28n0735 Glacial Pebbles [Long Island Sound, Shoreham, NY]
07g29k0112 Glacial Pebbles [Long Island Sound, Shoreham, NY]
07h09n0815 Lava Pebbles [Pebble Beach, Big Island, HI]
07h08k0067 Coral Pebbles [Pine Trees, Big Island, HI]
04j17n3155 Alligator Landscape [Alligator Farm, St. Augustine, FL]
12e13k0123 Turtle Landscape [Gulf World, Panama City Beach, FL]
  Patterns - Miscellaneous
13e28u0940 Flamingo Palette [Iberostar Bavaro, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic]
02c2123 Roof geometry [Saguaro NP Visitor Center]
09d28k4130 Inscribed Rectangles [Bodwitch Point Regional Park, Fort Myers Beach, FL]
12h13c1904  [Medora, ND]
07i18k2014 Grill: Part 3 [Watauga Lake, TN]
04h18n2629 Spider Web Pattern [Bass Harbor Head]
07k24n2081  [N. Potomac, MD]
05b26n5643 Multiple Self-Portrait [National Arboretum, DC]
05b26n5645  [National Arboretum, DC]
07g08c1825  [Brookside Botanical Gardens, Wheaton, MD]
08k08n4650  [Brookside Botanical Gardens, Wheaton, MD]
08e17n3172  [Brookside Botanical Gardens, Wheaton, MD]
07g08c1804  [Brookside Botanical Gardens, Wheaton, MD]
05e28n9233 Cobblestone Pattern [Glencairn Museum, Philadelphia, PA]
12e13k0158a Imperfect Direct Repeat [Panama City Beach, FL]
05f11n9855 Regular Aperiodic Structure [Ca' D'Zan, Ringling museum, Sarasota, FL]
04e0414 Roof [US Virgin Islands, St. Thomas]
04l29n4917 Wheels [Iron Mission State Park Museum, Cedar City, UT]
09f26a0447 Floor [Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden]
05b26n5641  [National Arboretum, DC]
08k29k2402 Sky Pattern [Prince William Forest Park]
10g03n8810  [Red Creek, Dolly Sods, WV]
11g03o0568  [Red Creek, Dolly Sods, WV]
09g05k5840  [Bear Rocks area, Dolly Sods, WV]

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