Acadia National Park, ME

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  Schoodic Peninsula
04h15n2280  [Schoodic Peninsula]
04h15n2283 Black Pool [Schoodic Peninsula]
04h15n2343 Basalt Dikes in Granite [Schoodic Peninsula]
04h15n2286 Basalt Dikes in Granite. Close-up [Schoodic Peninsula]
04h15n2357  [Schoodic Peninsula]
04h15n2302  [Schoodic Peninsula]
04h15n2304  [Schoodic Peninsula]
04h15n2336  [Schoodic Peninsula]
04h15n2326  [Schoodic Peninsula]
04h15n2332  [Schoodic Peninsula]
02g1702 Fog 2 [Schoodic Peninsula]
  Acadia Shore
04h14n2230a This Way Up [between Thunder Hole and Sand Beach]
04h14n2232  [between Thunder Hole and Sand Beach]
04h14n2239  [between Thunder Hole and Sand Beach]
04h0134  [Ocean Trail between Thunder Hole and Sand Beach]
04h0200  [Ocean Trail]
04h16n2486  [Thunder Hole area]
04h16n2495  [Thunder Hole area]
02g0410 Thunder Hole. No Thunder
04h14n2194  [between Thunder Hole and Sand Beach]
04h17n2571a  [Pretty Marsh Harbor]
04h17n2597  [Pretty Marsh Harbor]
04h18n2608 Bass Harbor Lighthouse in Fog 1 [Bass Harbor Head]
04h18n2610 Bass Harbor Lighthouse in Fog 2 [Bass Harbor Head]
04h18n2618  [Bass Harbor Head]
04h18n2631  [Bass Harbor Head]
02g1608 The Sunrise Egg [Trenton; Mount Desert Narrows]
02g1005 Sunrise Sparks [Trenton; Mount Desert Narrows]
02g0214 Low Tide Sunrise [Trenton; Mount Desert Narrows]
01S3218 Seal Harbor 2
02g0705 Hotel in Bar Harbor
02g1903 Egg Rock Lighthouse
02g1009 Sand Beach
  Acadia Mountains
04h14n2249  [Cadillac Mtn]
04h14n2271  [Cadillac Mtn]
04h0133  [Cadillac Mtn]
04h0118  [Cadillac Mtn]
04h17n2519 Porcupine Islands - Sunny [Cadillac Mtn Rd]
04h17n2522 Eagle Lake [Cadillac Mtn Rd]
02g1012 Beehive 1 [Sand Beach]
02g1014 Beehive 2 [Sand Beach]
02g0508 Flying Mountain Trail
04h0122 Classified 'Difficult' [Beehive Trail]
04h0124  [Beehive Trail]
04h17n2530 Sand Beach [Beehive Trail]
04h17n2535  [Beehive Trail]
04h0132 Gorham Mountain [Gorham Mtn Trail]
04h17n2540  [Gorham Mtn Trail]
04h0326  [Huguenot Head Trail]
04h18n2690  [Huguenot Head Trail]
04h0336  [Champlain Mtn]
04h0316  [Cadillac Mtn Rd]
04h18n2644  [Cadillac Mtn]
04h18n2648  [Cadillac Mtn]
04h18n2646 Porcupine Islands - Fog [Cadillac Mtn]
04h18n2652  [Cadillac Mtn]
04h18n2715  [Champlain Mtn]
04h18n2718  [Champlain Mtn]
04h18n2719  [Champlain Mtn]
04h15n2377  [Norumbega Mtn Trail]
04h15n2378  [Norumbega Mtn Trail]
04h15n2381  [Norumbega Mtn Trail]
04h15n2384  [Lower Hadlock Pond, Norumbega Mtn Trail]
04h15n2388  [Norumbega Mtn Trail]
04h17n2558  [Jordan Pond]
04h0203  [Jordan Pond]
02g0619 Jordan Pond [South Bubble]
04h0306  [Echo Lake]
04h0102 Granite on Cadillac Mtn [Cadillac Mtn]
04h18n2720  [Champlain Mtn]
04h15n2348 Red Pool [Schoodic Peninsula]
04h15n2347 Red Pool fragment [Schoodic Peninsula]
04h15n2333 Green Pool [Schoodic Peninsula]
04h15n2359  [Schoodic Peninsula]
04h16n2497 Pebbles [Thunder Hole area]
04h17n2503  [Cadillac Mtn]
04h15n2350  [Schoodic Peninsula]
04h15n2367  [Schoodic Peninsula]
04h15n2370  [Schoodic Peninsula]
04h15n2371  [Schoodic Peninsula]
04h15n2372  [Schoodic Peninsula]
04h15n2375 Indian-Pipe (Monotropa uniflora) [Norumbega Mtn Trail]
04h17n2518  [Cadillac Mtn]
04h18n2629  [Bass Harbor Head]
04h17n2563 Clear Waters of Jordan Pond [Jordan Pond]
04h18n2705  [Champlain Mtn]
02g0423 Environmental Portrait
02g1632 Acadia Flower
02g0215 Wonder Tree in Wonderland [Wonderland Trail]
02g0624 Guarded Pine [North Bubble]
  Deer Isle/Stonington
04h16n2390 Heath Barrens [Rd. 15S to Stonington]
04h16n2462 Stonington [Deer Isle Thorofare]
04h16n2393a High/Low [Stonington]
04h16n2414  [Deer Isle Thorofare]
04h16n2394  [Stonington]
04h16n2409 Antiques [Stonington]
04h16n2397  [Stonington]
04h16n2408 Scaled Down [Stonington]
04h16n2413 Company Policy [Stonington]
04h16n2389 Healthy Food? [Rd. 15S to Stonington]
04h16n2401a Monument to Stone Cutters (W. Muir, 1994) [Stonington]
04h16n2466  [Stonington]
04h16n2468  [Stonington]
04h16n2417 Pirate's Dream [Deer Isle Thorofare]
04h16n2454a Stonington Harbor Fauna [Deer Isle Thorofare]
04h16n2426a  [Deer Isle Thorofare]
04h16n2433a  [Deer Isle Thorofare]
04h16n2472 Got Genes? [Stonington]
04h15n2300  [Schoodic Peninsula]
04h15n2295  [Schoodic Peninsula]
04h15n2317  [Schoodic Peninsula]
04h15n2376  [Norumbega Mtn Trail]
04h0311  [Cadillac Mtn Rd]
04h17n2516  [Cadillac Mtn]
04h18n2676  [Huguenot Head Trail]
04h18n2697  [Champlain Mtn]
04h18n2700a  [Champlain Mtn]
04h0202  [between Thunder Hole and Sand Beach]
02g0116 Window [Sand Beach-Thunder Hole]
02g1222 Laminaria sp. [Schoodic Peninsula]
02g0907 Calm Sea [Sand Beach]
02g0324 Cadillac Mountain. Wind
02g1315 Feeding Frenzy (A Lesson in Good Manners)

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