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04h19n2734 3.4 Miles to Scarface [Scarface Trail]
04h19n2731  [Scarface Trail]
04h19n2725  [Scarface Trail]
04h0409 Marcy Lake [Marcy Dam, Avalanche Lake Trail]
04h20n2735 Avalanche Scars [Marcy Dam, Avalanche Lake Trail]
04h0428 Cliffs above Avalanche Lake [Avalanche Lake Trail]
04h20n2745  [Avalanche Lake Trail]
04h20n2768 A Boat and a Dragonfly [Avalanche Lake Trail]
04h0434  [Avalanche Lake Trail]
04h0519  [Avalanche Lake Trail]
04h0520 Up and Down [Avalanche Lake Trail]
04h0527  [Avalanche Lake Trail]
04h20n2774 Marcy Brook [Avalanche Lake Trail]
04h0511 Backcountry Hi-Tech [Lake Golden Outpost]
04h0508  [Lake Golden Outpost]
04h21n2778  [NY Rt. 30]
04h21n2780 Islet [NY Rt. 30]
04h21n2782  [NY Rt. 30]
04h21n2785  [NY Rt. 30]
04h21n2786  [NY Rt. 30]
04h21n2788  [NY Rt. 30]
04h21n2793 Break in the Clouds [NY Rt. 30]
04h20n2776 Red-Capped Scaber Stalk (Leccinum aurantiacum) [Avalanche Lake Trail]
04h20n2751 Bunchberry (Cornus canadensis) [Avalanche Lake Trail]
04h0505 Fern Habitat [Lake Golden Trail]
04h21n2787 Meadow. Fragment [NY Rt. 30]
04h20n2764  [Avalanche Lake Trail]
04h0533  [Avalanche Lake Trail]
04h19n2723a Nov 03, 1927 [Gas Station Restrooms, Montpellier, VT]

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