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07j27k3951  [Baltimore, MD]
07j27k3960  [Baltimore, MD]
07j27k3894  [Baltimore, MD]
07i29k3406  [Balestrand, Norway]
07i28k2907 Rosenkrantztarnet reflection [Bergen, Norway]
07i25k2181 Rosenkrantztarnet [Bergen, Norway]
07i29k2913  [Bergen, Norway]
07i25k2138 Bergen center: Cloudy [Bergen, Norway]
06f18n9603 Hotel de la Cite [Saint-Malo, France]
06f21n9931 Green and Yellow [Dinan, France]
04j17n3252  [St. Augustine, FL]
05f11n9927  [Sarasota, FL]
05f11n9997  [Sarasota, FL]
05f11n0003  [Sarasota, FL]
05f09n9623  [Sarasota, FL]
06e05n7703  [Ft.Myers Beach, FL]
03d0116 Downtown Buffalo 1 [Buffalo, NY]
03d0117 Downtown Buffalo 2 [Buffalo, NY]
02f0607 Facade of the University of Toronto
02i0520 Universita di Napoli Frederico II: Inside [Naples]
02l1223 Scottish Rite Temple [Santa Fe, NM]
02l1724 Albuquerque Science Museum [Albuquerque, NM]
  Details & Patterns
07j27k3953  [Baltimore, MD]
07j27k3954  [Baltimore, MD]
07i28k2809  [Myrdal, Norway]
06f21n9824  [Saint-Malo, France]
04g18n1573 Angles and Curves [Philadelphia, PA]
04g18n1587 Layers of Downtown [Philadelphia, PA]
03b0501 No Gas Today [Oakland, MD]
03b0503 Up to the Roof [Oakland, MD]
03d0118 Adam's Mark Hotel, Cupola [Buffalo, NY]
03d0119 Adam's Mark Hotel, Entrance [Buffalo, NY]
02f0828 Rue Guigues [Ottawa]
02f0602 Ivy on the Wall 2 [University of Toronto Campus]
02f0708 City Reflections 1 [Ottawa]
02f0709 City Reflections 2 [Ottawa]
02f0711 City Reflections 3 [Ottawa]
02f0802 City Geometry [Ottawa]
02i0401 Simple architecture [Naples]

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