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  Copper Mountain, CO
15a12c3645  [Copper Mountain, CO]
15a12u5544  [Copper Mountain, CO]
15a13c3666  [Copper Mountain, CO]
15a14u5644  [Copper Mountain, CO]
15a15u5745  [Copper Mountain, CO]
15a14u5648  [Copper Mountain, CO]
15a15u5757  [Copper Mountain, CO]
09a13k2950  [Copper Mountain, CO]
15a14c3683  [Copper Mountain, CO]
09a13c5532  [Copper Mountain, CO]
15a13i945  [Copper Mountain, CO]
15a14c3681  [Copper Mountain, CO]
15a15u5730  [Copper Mountain, CO]
15a15u5754  [Copper Mountain, CO]
09a13k2868  [Copper Mountain, CO]
09a13k3062  [Copper Mountain, CO]
09a13k3053  [Copper Mountain, CO]
09a13k2946  [Copper Mountain, CO]
09a13k2936  [Copper Mountain, CO]
15a12u5557  [Copper Mountain, CO]
09a13k3041  [Copper Mountain, CO]
15a12i942  [Copper Mountain, CO]
15a12u5552  [Copper Mountain, CO]
09a10c5516  [Copper Mountain, CO]
09a13k2864  [Copper Mountain, CO]
09a13c5526  [Copper Mountain, CO]
09a13c5529  [Copper Mountain, CO]
09a13k2883  [Copper Mountain, CO]
09a13k2886  [Copper Mountain, CO]
09a13k2894  [Copper Mountain, CO]
09a13k2955  [Copper Mountain, CO]
09a13k3016  [Copper Mountain, CO]
09a13c5539  [Copper Mountain, CO]
09a13k3023  [Copper Mountain, CO]
09a13k3025  [Copper Mountain, CO]
15a14u5674  [Copper Mountain, CO]
15a14u5680  [Copper Mountain, CO]
15a14u5707  [Copper Mountain, CO]
15a12u5585  [Copper Mountain, CO]
15a12u5588  [$@ Copper Mountain, CO]
15a12u5595  [$@ Copper Mountain, CO]
15a12u5578  [Copper Mountain, CO]
09a13a0186  [Copper Mountain, CO]
15a12c3647  [Copper Mountain, CO]
15a12c3652  [Copper Mountain, CO]
15a12u5546  [Copper Mountain, CO]
15a13c3675  [Copper Mountain, CO]
15a15u5741  [Copper Mountain, CO]
15a15c3704  [Copper Mountain, CO]
09a13k2985  [Copper Mountain, CO]
09a13k3009a  [Copper Mountain, CO]
09a13k2910  [Copper Mountain, CO]
09a11c5520a  [Copper Mountain, CO]
  San Isabel National Forest
15a09X7166  [San Isabel NF, CO]
15a09X7323  [San Isabel NF, CO]
15a09X7325  [San Isabel NF, CO]
15a14u5604  [San Isabel NF, CO]
15a14u5610  [San Isabel NF, CO]
15a14u5625  [San Isabel NF, CO]
15a14u5635  [San Isabel NF, CO]
15a14u5637  [San Isabel NF, CO]
15a16u5841  [I-70, CO]
08h24n4322a Dakota Hogback [Dinosaur Ridge Scenic Area, I-70]
15a16c3709a Dakota Hogback [Dinosaur Ridge Scenic Area, I-70, CO]
15a16i971a  [Dinosaur Ridge Scenic Area, I-70, CO]
15a16u5852  [Dinosaur Ridge Scenic Area, I-70, CO]
09a14c5601  [Dinosaur Ridge Scenic Area, I-70]
09a14k3209  [Dinosaur Ridge Scenic Area, I-70]
15a15u5769a  [Robinson Tailing Pond, CO Rt. 91]
15a15u5758  [Robinson Tailing Pond, CO Rt. 91]
15a15u5832a  [Robinson Tailing Pond, CO Rt. 91]
15a15u5814  [Robinson Tailing Pond, CO Rt. 91]
08h24n4296  [Robinson Tailing Pond, CO Rt. 91]
08h24n4295  [Fremont Pass, CO Rt. 91]
14i16u1333  [US Rt. 50]
14i16u1337  [US Rt. 50]
14i22u3140  [US Rt. 50]
14i22u3154  [US Rt. 24]
10a18c0223 Whiteley Peak [US 40, CO]
10a18a1563  [US 40, CO]
10a18a1592  [US 40, CO]
08h10k9026  [CO Rt. 82]
08h24n4276  [CO Rt. 82]
08h10k9028  [CO Rt. 82]
08h24n4274  [CO Rt. 82]
08h24n4251  [Ghost Town of Independence, CO Rt. 82]
08h24n4289  [Twin Lakes, CO Rt. 82]
03f1006  [Robinson Tailing Pond, CO Rt. 91]
08h24n4301  [Clinton Gulch Dam, CO Rt. 91]
03f0710 Hayes Creek Falls [CO Rt. 133]
03f0724 Mt. Sopris [McClure Pass, CO Rt. 133]
03f0728 Old Truckers Never Die... [South of McClure Pass, CO Rt. 133]
03f0834 National Sport [Black Canyon Rd.]
  Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument
14i22o7816  [Florissant Fossil Beds NM]
14i22u3173  [Florissant Fossil Beds NM]
14i22o7817  [Florissant Fossil Beds NM]
14i22u3162  [Florissant Fossil Beds NM]
  Curecanti NRA
14i16u1340  [Curecanti NRA]
14i16u1342  [Curecanti NRA]
14i16u1345  [Curecanti NRA]
14i16u1347  [Curecanti NRA]
14i16u1350  [Curecanti NRA]
14i16u1351  [Curecanti NRA]
14i16u1356  [Curecanti NRA]
14i16o7234  [Curecanti NRA]
14i16k0495  [Curecanti NRA]
14i16u1360  [Curecanti NRA]
  Great Sand Dunes NP
13c28k6380  [Great Sand Dunes NP]
13c28k6385  [Great Sand Dunes NP]
13c28o4276  [Great Sand Dunes NP]
13c28k6391  [Great Sand Dunes NP]
13c28k6396  [Great Sand Dunes NP]
13c28k6402  [Great Sand Dunes NP]
13c28o4277  [Great Sand Dunes NP]
13c28k6441  [Great Sand Dunes NP]
13c28k6445  [Great Sand Dunes NP]
13c28k6454  [Great Sand Dunes NP]
13c28k6468  [Great Sand Dunes NP]
13c28o4288  [Great Sand Dunes NP]
13c28k6489  [Great Sand Dunes NP]
13c28k6512 Mountain Bluebird (Sialia currucoides) [Great Sand Dunes NP]
  Alamosa NWR, CO
13c28k6531  [Alamosa NWR, CO]
13c28k6550  [Alamosa NWR, CO]
13c28k6557  [Alamosa NWR, CO]
13c28k6585  [Alamosa NWR, CO]
  Zapata Falls, CO
13c28o4298  [Zapata Falls, CO]
13c28k6602  [Zapata Falls, CO]
13c28k6619  [Zapata Falls, CO]
  Garden of the Gods, CO
13c29k6637a  [Garden of the Gods, CO]
13c29k6643  [Garden of the Gods, CO]
13c29k6657  [Garden of the Gods, CO]
13c29k6662  [Garden of the Gods, CO]
13c29k6663  [Garden of the Gods, CO]
13c29k6665  [Garden of the Gods, CO]
13c29k6666  [Garden of the Gods, CO]
13c29k6671  [Garden of the Gods, CO]
13c29o4315a  [Garden of the Gods, CO]
13c29k6680  [Garden of the Gods, CO]
13c29k6691  [Garden of the Gods, CO]
13c29k6704 Black-billed Magpie (Pica hudsonia) [Garden of the Gods, CO]
13c29k6705  [Garden of the Gods, CO]
13c29k6713  [Garden of the Gods, CO]
13c29k6714  [Garden of the Gods, CO]
  North Cheyenne Caņon Park, CO
13c29k6757  [North Cheyenne Caņon Park, CO]
13c29k6761  [North Cheyenne Caņon Park, CO]
  Breckenridge, CO
12a13k7292  [Breckenridge, CO]
12a13k7294  [Breckenridge, CO]
12a15k7380  [Breckenridge, CO]
12a13k7302  [Breckenridge, CO]
12a15k7401a  [Breckenridge, CO]
12a15k7608a  [Breckenridge, CO]
12a15k7424  [Breckenridge, CO]
12a15k7359  [Breckenridge, CO]
12a15k7529  [Breckenridge, CO]
12a15c1238  [Breckenridge, CO]
12a15c1237  [Breckenridge, CO]
12a15k7363  [Breckenridge, CO]
12a15k7618  [Breckenridge, CO]
12a15k7621  [Breckenridge, CO]
12a15k7631  [Breckenridge, CO]
12a15k7635  [Breckenridge, CO]
12a15k7449  [Breckenridge, CO]
12a15k7474  [Breckenridge, CO]
12a15k7562  [Breckenridge, CO]
12a13c1191  [Breckenridge, CO]
  Keystone, CO
12a14k7323b  [Keystone, CO]
12a14k7341  [Keystone, CO]
12a14k7338  [Keystone, CO]
12a14k7354  [Keystone, CO]
12a14c1217  [Keystone, CO]
12a14c1216  [Keystone, CO]
12a14c1224  [Keystone, CO]
  Red Rocks Park, Morrison, CO
09a14a0188  [Red Rocks Park, CO]
09a14a0194  [Red Rocks Park, CO]
09a14k3071  [Red Rocks Park, CO]
12a16c1248  [Red Rocks Park, CO]
12a16k7659  [Red Rocks Park, CO]
09a14k3078  [Red Rocks Park, CO]
09a14c5546  [Red Rocks Park, CO]
09a14k3092  [Red Rocks Park, CO]
09a14c5552  [Red Rocks Park, CO]
09a14c5555  [Red Rocks Park, CO]
09a14k3109  [Red Rocks Park, CO]
09a14k3121  [Red Rocks Park, CO]
09a14k3114  [Red Rocks Park, CO]
12a16k7689  [Red Rocks Park, CO]
12a16k7691a  [Red Rocks Park, CO]
12a16k7702  [Red Rocks Park, CO]
12a16k7707  [Red Rocks Park, CO]
12a16k7714  [Red Rocks Park, CO]
09a14k3147  [Red Rocks Park, CO]
09a14k3131a  [Red Rocks Park, CO]
09a14k3148  [Red Rocks Park, CO]
12a16c1280  [Red Rocks Park, CO]
09a14c5577  [Red Rocks Park, CO]
09a14k3162  [Red Rocks Park, CO]
09a14c5585 ...or Both [Red Rocks Park, CO]
09a14k3171  [Red Rocks Park, CO]
12a16k7724  [Red Rocks Park, CO]
12a16k7747  [Red Rocks Park, CO]
12a16k7748  [Red Rocks Park, CO]
12a16k7757  [Red Rocks Park, CO]
12a16k7760  [Red Rocks Park, CO]
12a16k7773  [Red Rocks Park, CO]
12a16k7781  [Red Rocks Park, CO]
12a16k7755  [Red Rocks Park, CO]
09a14k3176  [Red Rocks Park, CO]
09a14k3089  [Red Rocks Park, CO]
09a14k3191  [Red Rocks Park, CO]
09a14c5596  [Red Rocks Park, CO]
12a16c1286  [Red Rocks Park, CO]
12a16k7672  [Red Rocks Park, CO]
12a16k7674  [Red Rocks Park, CO]
12a16k7694  [Red Rocks Park, CO]
12a16k7770  [Red Rocks Park, CO]
12a16k7798  [Red Rocks Park, CO]
12a16k7656  [Red Rocks Park, CO]
09a14a0190  [Red Rocks Park, CO]
09a14k3091  [Red Rocks Park, CO]
  Steamboat Springs, CO
10a13c0124  [Steamboat, CO]
10a15k0234  [Steamboat, CO]
10a14k0140  [Steamboat, CO]
10a14k0156  [Steamboat, CO]
10a14k0159  [Steamboat, CO]
10a15k0178  [Steamboat, CO]
10a15k0188  [Steamboat, CO]
10a15k0239  [Steamboat, CO]
10a15k0201  [Steamboat, CO]
10a15k0209  [Steamboat, CO]
10a15k0222  [Steamboat, CO]
10a15k0232  [Steamboat, CO]
10a16k0272  [Steamboat, CO]
10a17k0439  [Steamboat, CO]
10a14c0140  [Steamboat, CO]
10a15c0153  [Steamboat, CO]
10a17c0203  [Steamboat, CO]
10a17k0309  [Steamboat, CO]
10a17k0372  [Steamboat, CO]
10a15k0212  [Steamboat, CO]
10a17k0332  [Steamboat, CO]
10a17k0414  [Steamboat, CO]
10a15k0241  [Steamboat, CO]
10a15k0208  [Steamboat, CO]
10a14k0122  [Steamboat, CO]
10a15k0250 Gray Jay (Perisoreus canadensis) [Steamboat, CO]
10a16k0268  [Steamboat, CO]
10a14k0102  [Steamboat, CO]
10a15k0256  [Steamboat, CO]
  Denver Airport, CO
09a14c5602  [Denver International Airport, Denver, CO]
09a14k3232  [Denver International Airport, Denver, CO]
09a14k3248  [Denver International Airport, Denver, CO]
09a14k3254  [Denver International Airport, Denver, CO]
  Hanging Lake
08h17k1299  [Hanging Lake, I-70]
08h17k1273  [Hanging Lake, I-70]
08h17k1270  [Hanging Lake, I-70]
08h17n4109  [Hanging Lake, I-70]
08h17n4102  [Hanging Lake, I-70]
08h17k1306  [Hanging Lake Trail, I-70]
08h17k1309  [Hanging Lake Trail, I-70]
08h17k1335  [Hanging Lake Trail, I-70]

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