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  Devils Hopyard SP, CT
15g25u8418  [Devils Hopyard SP, CT]
15g25u8419  [Devils Hopyard SP, CT]
15g25o8680  [Devils Hopyard SP, CT]
15g25u8436  [Devils Hopyard SP, CT]
15g25o8682  [Devils Hopyard SP, CT]
15g25u8435  [Devils Hopyard SP, CT]
15g25o8694  [Devils Hopyard SP, CT]
15g25o8686  [Devils Hopyard SP, CT]
15g25o8697  [Devils Hopyard SP, CT]
15g25u8438  [Devils Hopyard SP, CT]
15g25o8700  [Devils Hopyard SP, CT]
15g25o8703  [Devils Hopyard SP, CT]
15g25c3908  [Devils Hopyard SP, CT]
15g25o8689 Corydalus cornutus egg mass [Devils Hopyard SP, CT]
  Storrs, CT
03g0301  [UConn Campus, Storrs, CT]
03g0303  [UConn Campus, Storrs, CT]
03g0309  [UConn Campus, Storrs, CT]
03g0315  [UConn Campus, Storrs, CT]
03g0318  [UConn Campus, Storrs, CT]
03g0305  [UConn Campus, Storrs, CT]
03g0321  [UConn Campus, Storrs, CT]
03g0325  [UConn Campus, Storrs, CT]
03g0327  [UConn Campus, Storrs, CT]
03g0328 Tree of Life [Storrs, CT]
  Misc Connecticut
03g0700 Millennium Frogs. 1 [Willimantic, CT]
03g0702 Millennium Frogs. 2 [Willimantic, CT]
03g0705 Millennium Frogs. 3 [Willimantic, CT]
03g0707 Millennium Frogs. 4 [Willimantic, CT]
03g0708 Millennium Frogs. 5 [Willimantic, CT]
03g0330  [Eagleville Dam, Mansfield CT]
03g0333  [Eagleville Lake, Mansfield CT]
03g0335  [Eagleville Lake, Mansfield CT]
04i0235  [Gay City State Park, CT]

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