Anna Kashina and Dawei Dong (September 28-29, 2002)

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02i1502 you have to reboot it every night...
02i1503 Who, I?!
02i1504 Ready
02i1505 The Flower Girl
02i1507 The Ring Bearer
02i1509 Mother's Anxiety
02i1513 Oh, look at the bride!
02i1514 Maid of Honor
02i1515 Eew! They are kissing out there!
02i1524 The Walk down the Isle
02i1528 It's a Jewish thing, you know...
02i1535 ...hereby declared...
02i1302 Almost Married
02i1306 I finally gave her away!
02i1307 Not sure?
02i1308 It's OK, after all
02i1312 Whew!
02i1317 Flowers from Granddad
02i1324 Congratulations!
02i1326 Two Wise Men
02i1329 An Important Duty
02i1331 Certified
02i1333 Boys and Girls
02i1402 I don't mind if I do...
02i1406 Shall we?...
02i1408 Out for a spin
02i1410 Don't-drop-me!
02i1412 Slow Waltz
02i1417 Don't-fly-away!
02i1419 Tango
02i1420 More tango
02i1426 Change of Partner 1
02i1432 Change of Partner 2
02i1435 The Bride's Distant Relatives
02i0902 It's HOT out here
02i0904 ...but not too bad!
02i0906 Oh, how sweet...
02i0907 We can relax now
02i0909 I have an old friend for dinner tonight
02i0910 The VIP Table
02i0912 The Groom's Family
02i0914 Are they DRINKING over there?...
02i0915 Yes, Maam?
02i0919 Almost Cezanne
02i0924 Le Professional
02i0925 The Bride's Family
02i1002 The final change of clothes
02i1003 ...about that big...
02i1013 A Panel of Emotions
02i1014 You don't say!
02i1020 Toasting time!
02i1025 More toasts
02i1604 How much?
02i1606 And more ...
02i1608 One more and it'll be enough
02i1612 Oops!
02i1613 The Sign
02i1615 Red and Black
02i1618 Just keep them bottles coming!
02i1619 Is it TEA in there???
02i1623 Um... not sure...
02i1624 Will you?
02i1626 No, thanks!
02i1627 Ah, OK
02i1629 Didn't I quit a while ago?...
02i1630 Careful!
02i1635 The Last Dance of this Night
02i1724 Press Any Key
02i1725 What are you DOING?!
02i1727 ... and then you reboot it again...

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