Geological Abstracts

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03l0919 Angel's Landing [Virgin River Bend area, Zion NP]
03l1313 Thor's Hammer [Navajo Trail, Bryce Canyon NP]
03l1323  [Navajo Trail, Bryce Canyon NP]
03l1435  [Queens Garden Trail, Bryce Canyon NP]
04l25n4620  [Sand Dunes, Death Valley NP]
04l26n4709 Red Cathedral [Golden Canyon, Death Valley NP]
04l30n5005  [Visitor Center area, Valley of Fire SP, NV]
04l28n4906  [Beehives area, Valley of Fire SP, NV]
05h15n2035 Icebergs in the Upper Grinnell Lake [Grinnell Glacier Overlook, Glacier NP]
04j26n3448  [Stony Man, Shenandoah NP]
03h1017 Extraterrestrial Landscape [Mud Volcano area, Yellowstone NP]
03h1421  [Biscuit Basin, Geyser Country, Yellowstone NP]
03h1613 Doublet Pool [Upper Geyser Basin, Yellowstone NP]
03h1625  [Upper Geyser Basin, Yellowstone NP]
03h1706 Morning Glory Pool II [Upper Geyser Basin, Yellowstone NP]
04j10n2865  [Bear Rocks area, Dolly Sods Wilderness, WV]
04j10n2869  [Bear Rocks area, Dolly Sods Wilderness, WV]
04j0415 A Finger [Bear Rocks Trail, Dolly Sods Wilderness, WV]
04j10n2926  [Raven Ridge Trail area, Dolly Sods Wilderness, WV]
04e30n0003 Cat Rock [Catoctin Mountain NP]
04e30n0001 Quartzite [Cat Rock area, Catoctin Mountain NP]
04j31n3931 Potato Rock [Old Rag Mountain, Shenandoah NP]
04j31n3940  [Old Rag Mountain, Shenandoah NP]
05h06n1089  [Chimney Rock, Catoctin Mountain NP]
03h2617  [Farmington Canyon Complex Gneiss, Frary Peak Trail, Antelope Island SP, UT]
04l27n4878 Mushroom Rock [US Rt. 190, Death Valley NP]
04l27n4859 Ventifact [Ventifact Ridge, Death Valley NP]
07e20c1233 Joints in Quartzite 1 [Cat Rock area, Catoctin Mountain NP]
04l25n4559 Canyon Wall [Natural Bridge Canyon, Death Valley NP]
04l26n4730 Canyon Wall [Gower Gulch, Death Valley NP]
04l25n4522 Salt Ridge [Badwater Basin, Death Valley NP]
  Abstracts and Patterns
03l1329 Hoodoo Pattern [Sunset Point, Bryce Canyon NP]
04l27n4833 Crater Wall [Ubehebe Crater, Death Valley NP]
04l26n4725 Eroded Badlands [Golden Canyon - Gower Gulch junction, Death Valley NP]
03h1737 Columnar Joints in Basalt Lava Flow [The Narrows, Northeast Entrance Road, Roosevelt Country, Yellowstone NP]
04l25n4531 Young Salt Saucers [Badwater Basin, Death Valley NP]
03l2126 Petrified Dune. Texture [Petrified Dunes Trail, Snow Canyon SP, UT]
03h1235 Palette Spring [Mammoth Country, Yellowstone NP]
04l0304 Miniature Landscape [Sand Dunes, Death Valley NP]
03l0516 Sandstone Brain Surgery [Mouse's Tank Trail, Valley of Fire SP, NV]
04l30n5028 One of the Three Graces [Visitor Center area, Valley of Fire SP, NV]
03g0630 Lichens [Cape Elizabeth, ME]
04h15n2359 Etched in Granite [Schoodic Peninsula, Acadia NP]
07e20n9594 Joints in Quartzite 2 [Cat Rock area, Catoctin Mountain NP]
04h16n2497 Pebbles [Thunder Hole area, Acadia NP]
04h15n2347 Red Pool fragment [Schoodic Peninsula, Acadia NP]
04g0136 Rorschach's Rock [Great Falls NP]
05h12n1466 Glacial Pebbles [Lake McDonald, Glacier NP]
05h15n2068 Talus [Highline Trail, Glacier NP]
05h13n1671 Layers of Proterozoic Ocean Sediments [Two Medicine Lake area, Glacier NP]
06j01n3132 Metagreywacke [Great Falls NP]
03h2403 Bear Lake: Sand [Bear Lake SP, UT]
04l25n4618 Sand Ripples [Sand Dunes, Death Valley NP]
03gC042477 Stone Ripples [Sugarloaf Mountain, MD]
05l29n4820 Wet Sand Pattern [Galveston, TX]
05l29n4821 Dry Sand Pattern [Galveston, TX]
04l26n4733 Mud Cracks [Racetrack Playa, Death Valley NP]
04l26n4734 Mud Cracks [Racetrack Playa, Death Valley NP]
04l27n4861 Ventifact Surface [Ventifact Ridge, Death Valley NP]
04l27n4845 Breccia [Titus Canyon, Death Valley NP]
07e20n9578 Lichens on Quartzite [Cat Rock area, Catoctin Mountain NP]

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