Downtown Philadelphia, PA

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04g18n1560 Old Exchange Building [Philadelphia, PA]
04g18n1564  [Philadelphia, PA]
04g18n1565 Green Light [Philadelphia, PA]
04g18n1570 Urban Canyon [Philadelphia, PA]
04g18n1575  [City Hall, Philadelphia, PA]
04g18n1581  [City Hall, Philadelphia, PA]
04g18n1573 Angles and Curves [Philadelphia, PA]
04g18n1576  [Philadelphia, PA]
04g18n1587 Layers of Downtown [Philadelphia, PA]
04g18n1586  [Philadelphia, PA]
04g18n1609 Rainy Day over the City [Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia, PA]
04g18n1612  [Philadelphia, PA]
04g18n1618 Penn's Landing [Philadelphia, PA]
04g18n1580  [Philadelphia, PA]
04g18n1583 Portal to Kennedy Boulevard [Philadelphia, PA]
04g18n1559 Bell and Legs [Liberty Bell Museum, Philadelphia, PA]
04g18n1561 Urban Transport [SMART Car, Philadelphia, PA]
04g18n1567 Gold, Shoes and Video [...or 'On the Relative Market Price of Sex and Violence'. Philadelphia, PA]
04g18n1569 Headless Beauties [Philadelphia, PA]
04g18n1574 Cross [Philadelphia, PA]
04g18n1579 Echo of the War [Passage under the City Hall, Philadelphia, PA]
04g18n1584 Cryptoarchitecture [Passage under the City Hall, Philadelphia, PA]
04g18n1592 Jacques Lipchitz (1976) 'Government of the People' [Municipal Services Building Plaza, Philadelphia, PA]
04g18n1595 1+6=5+2 [Municipal Services Building Plaza, Philadelphia, PA]
04g18n1620 Resistance to Decay [Philadelphia, PA]

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