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06j29n4202  [Old Rag Mountain, Shenandoah NP]
06j29n4228  [Old Rag Mountain, Shenandoah NP]
06j29n4245  [Old Rag Mountain, Shenandoah NP]
06j29n4257  [Old Rag Mountain, Shenandoah NP]
05k13n3959  [Old Rag Mountain, Shenandoah NP]
03f1322  [Old Rag Mountain, Shenandoah NP]
04j31n3931 Potato Rock [Old Rag Mountain, Shenandoah NP]
03f1327  [Old Rag Mountain, Shenandoah NP]
04j0811  [Old Rag Mountain, Shenandoah NP]
04j0918  [Old Rag Mountain, Shenandoah NP]
04j31n3940  [Old Rag Mountain, Shenandoah NP]
05h06n1090  [Chimney Rock, Catoctin Mountain NP]
04e30n0001 Quartzite [Cat Rock area, Catoctin Mountain NP]
05h06n1089 Chimney Rock. Summer [Chimney Rock, Catoctin Mountain NP]
04e30n0003 Cat Rock [Cat Rock area, Catoctin Mountain NP]
05h06n1078 Face of the Wolf [Wolf Rock, Catoctin Mountain NP]
04j10n2869  [Bear Rocks area]
04j0415 A Finger [Bear Rocks Trail]
04j10n2926  [Raven Ridge Trail area]
06j21n3830  [Sugarloaf Mountain, MD]
05k20n4013 Ever Gray [Brookside Botanical Gardens, Wheaton, MD]
04h16n2497 Pebbles [Thunder Hole area]
04h0102 Granite on Cadillac Mtn [Cadillac Mtn]
04b0408 Balanced Rock [Echo Cliffs, Mishe Mokwa trail]
06h07n1249 Erratic [Bumpass Hell Trailhead, Lassen Volcanic NP]
06h09n1631 Dacite Extrusion [Lassen Peak Trail, Lassen Volcanic NP]
06h10n1906d Basalt Lava [Cinder Cone, Lassen Volcanic NP]
02c2214 Stone Man [Catalina Mountains]
04l0615 Elephant Rock [Valley of Fire SP, NV]
04l28n4896 Beehives [Valley of Fire SP, NV]
04l30n5005  [Visitor Center area, Valley of Fire SP, NV]
04l28n4906  [Beehives area, Valley of Fire SP, NV]
04l0736  [White Domes Trail, Valley of Fire SP, NV]
04l30n4990 Pink Stripes [White Domes Trail, Valley of Fire SP, NV]
02l0618  [City of Rocks State Park]
02l1510  [City of Rocks State Park]
05l27n4649 Pedestal Rocks [Enchanted Rock SP]
05l27n4677  [Enchanted Rock SP]
03h2602 2.7 Billion Years Old [Farmington Canyon Complex Gneiss, Frary Peak Trail, Antelope Island SP]
03h2617  [Farmington Canyon Complex Gneiss, Frary Peak Trail, Antelope Island SP]
03h2618  [Davis County Causeway, Antelope Island SP]
04l27n4878 Mushroom Rock [US Rt. 190, Death Valley NP]
04l26n4741 Granite Rocks, the Grandstand [Racetrack Playa, Death Valley NP]
04l27n4859 Ventifact [Ventifact Ridge, Death Valley NP]
06j29n4336  [Old Rag Mountain, Shenandoah NP]
05i24n3014  [Great Falls NP]
04h18n2720  [Champlain Mtn]

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