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  Abbayae du Mont-Saint-Michel
06f20n9721  [Abbayae du Mont-Saint-Michel, France]
06f20n9729  [Abbayae du Mont-Saint-Michel, France]
06f20n9743  [Abbayae du Mont-Saint-Michel, France]
06f20n9762  [Abbayae du Mont-Saint-Michel, France]
06f20n9764  [Abbayae du Mont-Saint-Michel, France]
  Cap Frehel
06f21n9975 Lighthouse and Fire Tower [Cap Frehel, France]
06f21n0123 Fire Tower Built by Vauban [Cap Frehel, France]
06f20n9790  [Cap Frehel, France]
06f21n0016 Jagged Cliffs [Cap Frehel, France]
06f21n0041  [Cap Frehel, France]
06f20n9797  [Cap Frehel, France]
06f21n0066  [Cap Frehel, France]
06f20n9807  [Cap Frehel, France]
06f21n0086  [Cap Frehel, France]
06f21n0106  [Cap Frehel, France]
06f19n9685 View of Intra-Muros fron the Trail to Fort National [Saint-Malo, France]
06f19n9649 Intra-Muros Reflection 1 [Saint-Malo, France]
06f19n9658 Intra-Muros Reflection 2 [Saint-Malo, France]
06f18n9603 Hotel de la Cite [Saint-Malo, France]
06f19n9639 Yellow Car [Saint-Malo, France]
06f17n9439 View to Saint-Malo from Grand Be [Saint-Malo, France]
06f18n9612 Tour Bidouane [Saint-Malo, France]
06f18n9614 Turret [Saint-Malo, France]
06f17n9464 Promenade des Bes [Saint-Malo, France]
06f17n9500 Piscine [Saint-Malo, France]
06f17n9538  [Saint-Malo, France]
06f18n9616 Fort du Petit Be and Grand Be [Saint-Malo, France]
06f18n9621 Fort du Petit Be [Saint-Malo, France]
06f17n9458  [Saint-Malo, France]
06f17n9508  [Saint-Malo, France]
06f17n9541 Sunset over Fort du Petit Be 1 [Saint-Malo, France]
06f17n9547 Sunset over Fort du Petit Be 2 [Saint-Malo, France]
06f18n9601 Fort National at Low Tide [Saint-Malo, France]
06f18n9569 Grand Plage at Low Tide [Saint-Malo, France]
06f18n9577 Poles on the Grand Plage [Saint-Malo, France]
06f17n9398 Fort National and Girls [Saint-Malo, France]
06f19n9673 Fort National - Vauban's Creation [Saint-Malo, France]
06f19n9692 View of Grand Be from Fort National [Saint-Malo, France]
06f18n9587 Bassin Duguay Trouin [Saint-Malo, France]
06f21n9851 Brittany Ferries [Saint-Malo, France]
06f21n9903 Tour de L'Horloge [Dinan, France]
06f21n9896 Passage de la Tour de L'Horloge [Dinan, France]
06f21n9931 Green and Yellow [Dinan, France]
06f21n9948 Rue du Jerzual 1 [Dinan, France]
06f21n9957 Rue du Jerzual 2 [Dinan, France]
06f21n9824  [Saint-Malo, France]
06f21n9921  [Dinan, France]
06f17n9478 Cars [Saint-Malo, France]
06f18n9594a Saint-Malo: 'Semper fidelis'; Brittany: 'Potius mori quam foedari' [Saint-Malo, France]
06f17n9484 How it May End Up [Saint-Malo, France]
06f18n9589 Mooring Device [Saint-Malo, France]
06f17n9559 Wispy Waves [Saint-Malo, France]
06f18n9572 Tracks of Marine Life [Saint-Malo, France]
06f19n9710 Fucus sp. [Saint-Malo, France]
06f21n9900 Halfdog [Dinan, France]

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