Norway (2007)

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07i25k2138 Bergen center: Cloudy [Bergen, Norway]
07i27k2364 Bergen center: Sunny [Bergen, Norway]
07i25k2154  [Bergen, Norway]
07i25k2199 Red, Yellow, Green [Bergen, Norway]
07i25k2197 Bryggen Colors 1 [Bergen, Norway]
07i27k2379 Bryggen Colors 2 [Bergen, Norway]
07i27k2385  [Bergen, Norway]
07i25k2151  [Bergen, Norway]
07i27k2368  [Bergen, Norway]
07i27k2378  [Bergen, Norway]
07i29k2913  [Bergen, Norway]
07i27k2393  [Bergen, Norway]
07i27k2400  [Bergen, Norway]
07i27k2350 Bergen from Mt. Floyen [Bergen, Norway]
07i27k2355  [Bergen, Norway]
07i27k2333  [Bergen, Norway]
07i27k2322 Lille Lungegardsvann from Mt. Floyen [Bergen, Norway]
07i27k2329  [Bergen, Norway]
07i27k2328  [Bergen, Norway]
07i27k2422 Lille Lungegardsvann [Bergen, Norway]
07i27k2435  [Bergen, Norway]
07i25k2188  [Bergen, Norway]
07i25k2191  [Bergen, Norway]
07i26k2206  [Bergen, Norway]
07i27k2438  [Bergen, Norway]
07i25k2177  [Bergen, Norway]
07i25k2181 Rosenkrantztarnet [Bergen, Norway]
07i25k2185 Mariakirken [Bergen, Norway]
07i28k2907 Rosenkrantztarnet reflection [Bergen, Norway]
07i29k3450 Johanneskirken [Bergen, Norway]
  Coastal area
07i26k2234  [Coastal area (from Bergen to Lysoen island), Norway]
07i26k2256  [Coastal area (from Bergen to Lysoen island), Norway]
07i26k2305  [Coastal area (from Bergen to Lysoen island), Norway]
07i26k2266  [Coastal area (from Bergen to Lysoen island), Norway]
07i26k2269  [Coastal area (from Bergen to Lysoen island), Norway]
07i26k2273  [Coastal area (from Bergen to Lysoen island), Norway]
07i26k2264 Grenn Roof [Coastal area (from Bergen to Lysoen island), Norway]
07i26k2297  [Coastal area (from Bergen to Lysoen island), Norway]
07i26k2253  [Coastal area (from Bergen to Lysoen island), Norway]
07i26k2286  [Lysoen island, Norway]
  Norway in an Nutshell
07i28k2454  [E16 road (from Voss to Gudvangen), Norway]
07i28k2456  [E16 road (from Voss to Gudvangen), Norway]
07i28k2463  [Gudvangen area, Norway]
07i28k2472  [Gudvangen area, Norway]
07i28k2474  [Gudvangen area, Norway]
07i28k2478  [Gudvangen area, Norway]
07i28k2512  [Naeroyfjord, Norway]
07i28k2524  [Naeroyfjord, Norway]
07i28k2528  [Naeroyfjord, Norway]
07i28k2555 Watercolor [Naeroyfjord, Norway]
07i28k2548  [Naeroyfjord, Norway]
07i28k2559  [Naeroyfjord, Norway]
07i28k2563  [Naeroyfjord, Norway]
07i28k2576  [Naeroyfjord, Norway]
07i28k2582  [Naeroyfjord, Norway]
07i28k2589  [Naeroyfjord, Norway]
07i28k2591  [Naeroyfjord, Norway]
07i28k2594  [Naeroyfjord, Norway]
07i28k2646  [Aurlands, Norway]
07i28k2652 Aurlands [Aurlands, Norway]
07i28k2657  [Aurlands, Norway]
07i28k2606  [Aurlandsfjord, Norway]
07i28k2629  [Aurlandsfjord, Norway]
07i28k2635  [Aurlandsfjord, Norway]
07i28k2667  [Aurlandsfjord, Norway]
07i28k2671  [Flam, Norway]
07i28k2682  [Flam railway, Norway]
07i28k2705 Kjosfossen [Flam railway, Norway]
07i28k2706  [Flam railway, Norway]
07i28k2712  [Myrdal, Norway]
07i28k2779  [Myrdal, Norway]
07i28k2809  [Myrdal, Norway]
07i28k2820  [Myrdal, Norway]
07i28k2824  [Myrdal, Norway]
07i28k2860  [Myrdal, Norway]
07i28k2739  [Myrdal, Norway]
07i28k2757  [Myrdal, Norway]
07i28k2726  [Myrdal, Norway]
07i28k2786  [Myrdal, Norway]
07i28k2789  [Myrdal, Norway]
07i28k2830  [Myrdal, Norway]
07i28k2863  [Myrdal, Norway]
07i28k2867  [Myrdal, Norway]
07i28k2879  [Myrdal, Norway]
07i28k2886  [Myrdal, Norway]
07i28k2897  [Myrdal, Norway]
07i28k2770  [Myrdal, Norway]
07i28k2805  [Myrdal, Norway]
07i28k2842  [Myrdal, Norway]
07i28k2856  [Myrdal, Norway]
  Glacier trip to Fjaerland
07i29k2946  [Coastal area (from Bergen to Rysjedal), Norway]
07i29k2954  [Coastal area (from Bergen to Rysjedal), Norway]
07i29k2957  [Coastal area (from Bergen to Rysjedal), Norway]
07i29k2989  [Coastal area (from Bergen to Rysjedal), Norway]
07i29k2999  [Sognefjorden, Norway]
07i29k3031  [Sognefjorden, Norway]
07i29k3043  [Sognefjorden, Norway]
07i29k3438  [Sognefjorden, Norway]
07i29k3435  [Nordeide, Norway]
07i29k3057  [Vik, Norway]
07i29k3423  [Vik, Norway]
07i29k3072  [Balestrand, Norway]
07i29k3366  [Balestrand, Norway]
07i29k3376  [Balestrand, Norway]
07i29k3390  [Balestrand, Norway]
07i29k3406  [Balestrand, Norway]
07i29k3408  [Balestrand, Norway]
07i29k3080  [Fjaerlamdsfjorden, Norway]
07i29k3081  [Fjaerlamdsfjorden, Norway]
07i29k3107  [Fjaerlamdsfjorden, Norway]
07i29k3132  [Fjaerlamdsfjorden, Norway]
07i29k3148  [Fjaerlamdsfjorden, Norway]
07i29k3154  [Fjaerlamdsfjorden, Norway]
07i29k3163  [Fjaerlamdsfjorden, Norway]
07i29k3313  [Fjaerlamdsfjorden, Norway]
07i29k3315  [Fjaerlamdsfjorden, Norway]
07i29k3331  [Fjaerlamdsfjorden, Norway]
07i29k3354  [Fjaerlamdsfjorden, Norway]
07i29k3170  [Fjaerlamdsfjorden, Norway]
07i29k3178  [Fjaerland, Norway]
07i29k3181  [Fjaerland, Norway]
07i29k3294  [Fjaerland, Norway]
07i29k3309  [Fjaerland, Norway]
07i29k3298  [Fjaerland, Norway]
07i29k3239  [Norwegian Glacier Museum area, Norway]
07i29k3204  [Norwegian Glacier Museum, Norway]
07i29k3225  [Norwegian Glacier Museum area, Norway]
07i29k3229  [Norwegian Glacier Museum area, Norway]
07i29k3251 Norwegian Glacier Museum [Norway]
07i29k3277  [Road 5, Jostedalsbreen, Norway]
07i29k3270  [Road 5, Jostedalsbreen, Norway]
07i29k3273 Glacier Closeup [Road 5, Jostedalsbreen, Norway]
07i29k3266  [Road 5, Jostedalsbreen, Norway]
07i29k3284  [Road 5, Jostedalsbreen, Norway]
07i29k3287  [Road 5, Jostedalsbreen, Norway]
07i25k2144 Fish of the Day 1 [Bergen, Norway]
07i25k2146 Fish of the Day 2 [Bergen, Norway]
07i25k2157  [Bergen, Norway]
07i25k2172  [Bergen, Norway]
07i25k2180  [Bergen, Norway]
07i25k2203  [Bergen, Norway]
07i26k2216  [Coastal area (from Bergen to Lysoen island), Norway]
07i28k2540a Reflection of Reflection [Naeroyfjord, Norway]
07i29k3090  [Fjaerlamdsfjorden, Norway]
07i29k3091  [Fjaerlamdsfjorden, Norway]
07i27k2349  [Bergen, Norway]
07i26k2214  [Coastal area (from Bergen to Lysoen island), Norway]
07i28k2723  [Myrdal, Norway]
07i28k2731  [Myrdal, Norway]
07i28k2733  [Myrdal, Norway]
07i28k2736  [Myrdal, Norway]
07i28k2694  [Kjosfossen, Flam railway, Norway]
07i28k2815  [Myrdal, Norway]
07i28k2817  [Myrdal, Norway]
07i28k2819  [Myrdal, Norway]

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