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02h1415 Novosibirsk Opera Theater
02h1417 Chapel on Red Avenue
02h1501 The Last Berth [Ob' Reservoire]
02h1421 Capitan Vladimir Schshitov [Ob' Reservoire]
02h1505 Sharkman [Ob' Reservoire]
02h1427 Cheers, Mate! [Ob' Reservoire]
02h1503 Salto [Ob' Reservoire]
02h1510 Gold [Monochrome, toned. Ob' Reservoire]
02h1431 Wilderness Mooring [Ob' Reservoire]
02h1426 Shore Erosion 1 [Ob' Reservoire]
02h1432 Shore Erosion 2 [Ob' Reservoire]
02h1434  [Ob' Reservoire]
02h1511  [Matveevka]
02h1513 Gena Vasilyev, Kira, Igor Morozov [NIBH]

Wed Jun 22 20:55:23 2016