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09f27a0485  [Central Station, Stockholm, Sweden]
09f28n5607  [Stockholm, Sweden]
09g02n5746  [Stockholm, Sweden]
09f28n5614  [Stockholm, Sweden]
09f28n5618  [Stockholm, Sweden]
09f28n5639 Of Garbage[s] - and Kings [Karl XIIs Torg, Stockholm, Sweden]
09f28n5644  [Jacobs Kyrka, Stockholm, Sweden]
09g02a0627  [Stockholm, Sweden]
09g02n5761  [Stockholm, Sweden]
09g02n5764  [Stockholm, Sweden]
09g02n5794  [Stockholm, Sweden]
09g02n5802  [Sergels Torg, Stockholm, Sweden]
09g02n5805  [Stockholm, Sweden]
09f27a0483  [Stockholm City Hall, Stockholm, Sweden]
09f28a0522  [Stockholm City Hall, Stockholm, Sweden]
09g01n5741  [Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden]
09f30a0545  [Södermalm, Stockholm, Sweden]
09f30a0556  [Södermalm, Stockholm, Sweden]
09f30n5733  [Södermalm, Stockholm, Sweden]
09f30n5739  [Södermalm, Stockholm, Sweden]
  Stockholm University and Royal Institute of Technology
09f30n5715 Arrhenius Lab [Stockholm University, Stockholm, Sweden]
09f28n5694  [Stockholm University area, Stockholm, Sweden]
09f30n5705 Naturhistoriska riksmuseet [Stockholm University, Stockholm, Sweden]
09f30n5720  [Stockholm University, Stockholm, Sweden]
09f30n5725  [Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden]
  Stockholm Archipelago
09f25a0388  [Stockholm Archipelago, Sweden]
09f28n5650  [Stockholm Archipelago, Sweden]
09f25a0423  [Stockholm Archipelago, Sweden]
09f28n5660  [Stockholm Archipelago, Sweden]
09f25a0429  [Fjäderholmarna, Stockholm Archipelago, Sweden]
09f28a0504  [Vaxholm, Stockholm Archipelago, Sweden]
09f28n5677  [Vaxholm, Stockholm Archipelago, Sweden]
09f28n5682 Midsommarstång [Vaxholm, Stockholm Archipelago, Sweden]
09f28n5683  [Vaxholm, Stockholm Archipelago, Sweden]
09f28n5687  [Vaxholm, Stockholm Archipelago, Sweden]
  Älvsjö, Stockholm
09f30a0538  [Rica Talk Hotel, Älvsjö, Stockholm, Sweden]
09f30a0573  [Stockholmsmässan, Älvsjö, Stockholm, Sweden]
09f28a0492  [Älvsjö, Stockholm, Sweden]
09f28a0496  [Älvsjö, Stockholm, Sweden]
09f28a0490  [Älvsjö, Stockholm, Sweden]
  Bålsta area
09f25a0370  [Bålsta, Sweden]
09f25n5512  [Yttergrans kyrka, Håbo Municipality, Sweden]
09f25n5517  [Yttergrans kyrka, Håbo Municipality, Sweden]
09f25n5521  [Lake Stora Ullfjärden, Sweden]
09f25n5526  [Lake Lilla Ullfjärden, Sweden]
09f26n5604  [Lake Mälaren, Sweden]
09g02n5822  [Skokloster Castle, Lake Mälaren, Sweden]
09g02n5823  [Skokloster Castle, Lake Mälaren, Sweden]
09g02n5825  [Skokloster Castle, Lake Mälaren, Sweden]
09g02a0637  [Arnöhuvuds naturreservat, Sweden]
09f26n5533  [Uppsala, Sweden]
09f26n5541  [Uppsala, Sweden]
09f26n5546  [Uppsala, Sweden]
09f26n5582  [Uppsala, Sweden]
09f26n5554  [Uppsala Cathedral, Uppsala, Sweden]
09f26n5559  [Uppsala Cathedral, Uppsala, Sweden]
09f26a0438  [Uppsala Cathedral, Uppsala, Sweden]
09f26a0439a  [Uppsala Cathedral, Uppsala, Sweden]
09f26n5567  [Uppsala Cathedral, Uppsala, Sweden]
09f26n5570  [Uppsala Castle, Uppsala, Sweden]
09f26n5557  [Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden]
09f26n5579  [Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden]
09f26a0447  [Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden]
09f26n5573  [Uppsala University Botanical Garden, Uppsala, Sweden]
09f26n5578  [Uppsala University Botanical Garden, Uppsala, Sweden]

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