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  Running-R Ranch
05l27n4579 Hill Country from the Horseback [Hill Country SP]
05l25n4394  [Running-R Ranch]
05l27n4496  [Running-R Ranch]
05l27n4499  [Running-R Ranch]
05l27n4503  [Running-R Ranch]
05l27n4521  [Running-R Ranch]
05l27n4529  [Running-R Ranch]
05l27n4612 Mesquite Trees [Running-R Ranch]
05l27n4622  [Running-R Ranch]
05l27n4632  [Running-R Ranch]
05l27n4526 Species of Lichen [Running-R Ranch]
05l27n4550  [Running-R Ranch]
05l27n4581  [Running-R Ranch]
05l27n4585  [Running-R Ranch]
05l27n4588  [Running-R Ranch]
05l26n4415  [Hill Country SP]
05l27n4568  [Hill Country SP]
05l27n4574  [Hill Country SP]
05l26n4407 Cowboy and His Shadow [Hill Country SP]
05l27n4591 Cowboy at Rest [Running-R Ranch]
05l26n4422  [Running-R Ranch]
05l27n4593 Agricultural Contraption [Running-R Ranch]
05l27n4533 Riding Boots, Retired [Running-R Ranch]
05l27n4610 No Fire [Running-R Ranch]
05l27n4647 #12 [Running-R Ranch]
05l27n4639 December 27 [Running-R Ranch]
05l27n4640 Body Submerged in Liquid [Running-R Ranch]
  Hill Country
05l0131 Cretaceous Limestone [Guadalupe River SP]
05l26n4438  [Guadalupe River SP]
05l0236 Hamilton Pool Grotto [Hamilton Pool Preserve]
05l28n4761 Grotto Roof [Hamilton Pool Preserve]
05l28n4784 Hamilton Creek [Hamilton Pool Preserve]
05l0312  [Hamilton Pool Preserve]
05l26n4477  [TX Rt. 46]
05l26n4485 There and Back [TX Rt. 46]
05l26n4425 Windows [Bandera, TX]
05l26n4427 All You Need to Know About Hill Country [Bandera, TX]
  Enchanted Rock SP
05l27n4748 Enchanted Rock from Little Rock [Enchanted Rock SP]
05l27n4707 Turkey Peak [Enchanted Rock SP]
05l27n4671 Enchanted Rock Summit [Enchanted Rock SP]
05l0216 People on the Granite Dome [Enchanted Rock SP]
05l27n4711  [Enchanted Rock SP]
05l27n4677  [Enchanted Rock SP]
05l0214 Pegmatite Dike [Enchanted Rock SP]
05l27n4649 Pedestal Rocks [Enchanted Rock SP]
05l27n4695  [Enchanted Rock SP]
05l27n4739  [Enchanted Rock SP]
  Brazos Bend SP
05l24n4374 Marshland [Brazos Bend SP]
05l0112  [Brazos Bend SP]
05l24n4351  [Brazos Bend SP]
05l24n4356 Black-Bellied Whistling Duck (Dendrocygna autumnalis) [Brazos Bend SP]
05l24n4372  [Brazos Bend SP]
  Galveston, TX
05l29n4887  [Galveston, TX]
05l29n4890 Mexican Gulf [Galveston, TX]
05l29n4899 Surfcasting [Galveston, TX]
05l0325  [Galveston, TX]
05l29n4827 Tracking [Galveston, TX]
05l29n4875 Underside [Galveston, TX]
05l29n4820 Wet Sand Pattern [Galveston, TX]
05l29n4821 Dry Sand Pattern [Galveston, TX]

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