Personal Sites
Other Photographers
Information, Forums, Articles
  • DPreview (Phil Askey) - probably the most complete, systematic and authoritative source on digital photography equipment. Their forums, although, are predominantly populated by somewhat less enlightened people (which makes it a perfect place for rants and rumors but little else).
  • Thom Hogan the expert on all things Nikon and his contributions (sadly, discontinued) to DPreview forums.
  • Joseph S Wisniewski, one of the most knowlegeable people on DPreview forums.
  • Mike Johnston's The Online Photographer blog ("a moderated presentation of comments in passing by myself and some of my photographer friends", as he himself puts it). Mike Johnston is also the author of (now discontinued) The Sunday Morning Photographer column.
  • Photo.Net - used to be, arguably, the most comprehensive Web site on all aspects of photography. Many serious articles on equipment and technique plus tons of comments by photo community. discussion forums are the source of all kind of information; from basic to arcane. In decline these days.
  • Luminous Landscape (Michael Reichmann) - a collection of articles on photography and digital art, equipment reviews etc.
  • PhotoNotes.Org (NK Guy) - a comprehensive dictionary of photography-related terms.
  • PhotoDo - lens tests. While the utility of MTF for testing real-word lens performance is disputed, this is, apparently, the most objective measure available.
  • Graphics File Formats by Martin Reddy and Ian Tweedie.
  • PhotoShop Blend Modes by Jens Gruschel.
  • DSLR sensor "Copperhill" Cleaning Method.
  • On-line Depth of Field Calculators: Don Fleming's DOFmaster; Alistair Houston's; Bob Atkins'; Julian Loke's; Bert Otten's Graphic DOF Calculator.
  • Ledet publishers' site contains chapters from the "Professional Photoshop 6: The Classic Guide to Color Correction" - a book by Dan Margulis; a very authoritative and somewhat controversial source on post-exposure image processing.
Galleries, Critique, Discussion
  • Flickr - a huge Yahoo-run photo sharing site with a lot of functionalities (photo tagging, discussion groups etc.).
  • PhotoSight - a photo display and critique forum in Russian. A lot of real pros, lively discussions, useful information - if you are patient enough to sift through drivel.
  • PhotoLine - a photo display and critique forum in Russian. Especially useful is it's "Beginners" section.
  • PhotoBlink - a photo display, competition and critique forum. Many great nature shots.
  • PhotoSIG - a controversial forum/galleries site.
  • Pbase - a very popular free photo galleries hosting site (no personal experiense with them).
  • Foto-Group (organized by Vladimir Kelman).
Retailers, Manufacturers etc.
  • B&H Photo and Video store - a very professional and reliable New York-based retailer; convenient shopping Web site.
  • Adorama on-line store enjoys a reputation next only to B&H. We have no experience using it, though.
  • KEH is a relatively well-reputed on-line retailer specialized in used gear (no personal experience).
  • Penn Camera owns a chain of brick-and-mortar stores in the Washington DC area. Their prices are usually higher than that of the bigger on-line stores, but sometimes you just need a local retailer. We also use their film processing (for both slides and negatives).
  • Hamrick Software. We use their Vuescan scanner software to control our film scanner.
  • Clark Color Labs used to be our choice of photo processing service providers (not anymore).
  • Strauss Photo Technical Service in Washington, DC, is the place where we take our gear for repairs. They are pricey and slow, but do the job.